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UCA, the epitome of engineering excellence in construction, showcases its prowess through a team of highly skilled professionals who consistently deliver unparalleled outcomes. Entrust us with your aspirations and witness the transformation of your vision into a reality, upheld by our commitment to unwavering quality, utmost professionalism, and unmatched expertise. Immerse yourself in the true essence of construction artistry with United Construction Art.


UCA, the United Construction Art Office for Engineering Consultations, brings together a highly experienced team that offers cutting-edge architectural designs. Our expertise shines through as we deliver innovative solutions for commercial, residential, administrative, and other projects. Each client benefits from our distinct and personalized architectural approach.


Structural repair, redesign work, and strengthening works. Review workflow

Interior Design

Create designs tailored to our client’s unique personal styles and practical needs.


Building structures are generally constructed on concrete foundations.


Projects solution at UCA commercial, residential, administrative, and more.

Indoor & Outdoor Furniture

From cozy indoor furniture to durable outdoor pieces, we have everything you need to design your dream space.

About United Construction Art

UCA, or United Construction Art, is a leading company specializing in engineering consulting across all sectors of engineering. Our dedicated team of experienced engineers and technicians is committed to delivering exceptional results. With their extensive knowledge and expertise in the engineering and technical fields, we consistently strive to provide distinctive services.

Since 2017

Our Mission

Providing all types of civil and architectural consulting engineering services and survey works

We make the change and be influenced by the urban landscape and leave an impact on the architectural renaissance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Message

We strive for excellence in craftsmanship and skill, and permanent updating of our abilities and work. Developing and raising the standard of the engineering profession and its employees. By providing the best professional services for serving the engineering sector and positively influencing the lives of all clients who are pleased to work with them

Our Vision

To become one of the largest and best consulting engineering offices in the Kingdom, and our first product is quality. And its tools are professional and distinguished

And provide the highest quality at the lowest quality

You Dream It

We Make It Happen


No Project Too Big or Too Small

Modern designs for residential villas according to the architectural requirements of each client.

Plan. Design. Create.

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